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[mod] FAQ/AQF

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Okay... So we haven't really had any questions yet, so there technically can't be any frequently asked questions, but i figured we could answer some basic stuff here.

Why haven't you added me to the community? Don't you like me? ;_;
We love you! We promise. ♥ But only staff will be listed as a member. All releases will be in public entries once we start posting them, so you won't miss out on anything by not being a member. All our cracked out conversations planning &tc is done on a separate comm, so smile and just add sub_is_message to your friends list for the shiny.

Why just w-inds.? Why not do other groups, too?
Because we all srsly love w-inds.. There are other people doing other groups, and to be honest, we think w-inds. is shinier. And dorkier.

So what's up with the colors?
To keep who's talking straight, we decided to color code each member, then do everyone else in black/white/grey/other-neutral-color. The colors are what each one uses on their mics during shows. ^^
Keita: yellow
Ryohei: blue
Ryuichi: pink

How do you pick projects?
Basically, we go with whatever looks fun or we already have a translation for. Or if something's particularly funny. Or particularly ghei. Or is current news. There's really not much of a method.

Where can I find all your previous releases?
Several places, actually. They'll be listed in the community memories, the userinfo, as well as in the sidebar on the main page.

Are you going to do the pvs/concerts?
No plans for those at the moment, since lyrics can be pretty easily found around the internet.

Do you take requests?
Right now, no. We probably will at a later date, so if you have anything you want done, keep it in mind.

What sources do your translators use?
We have translators that work both from the original Japanese and translated Chinese.

Where do you get footage from?
A few places. Most of the members have a stockpile of clips from various sources. We also are broke have all of the dvds to work with.

Are you hiring?
Nope. Well... okay, i take that back. While we're doing smaller stuff, no. But we do plan on doing some bigger projects eventually and would appreciate the help, especially if you already have any subbing experience.

I'm having computer issues...
ask the all-knowing help desk.


and now for the interactive part of the faq...

AQF - Ask Questions Frequently

This post is for you to ask any questions you want. Bear in mind that we won't be answering them all, but the ones that genuinely need answers to shall be added to the FAQ.

Hopefully this will work as a good way for you to get information regarding the subbing group and general handy things to know. All without us being bombarded with 8939409832139408 questions that don't need answering.

- sub_is_message moderators
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