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[m o d] help desk!

When dealing with computers, inevitably problems come up. And because we want you to be able to squee over everything without throwing something at your computer, the help desk was formed. I've tried to cover most issues you might come across, but if you still have a question that's not answered here (whether you're using a mac or pc), feel free to ask. After you've read this post. I have no problems saying 'read!' if it's already been answered. More things will probably be added as people come across things or have questions.

Split Files

Any files larger than 100mb will be uploaded to ysi and mu as split files that you will need to join together. You will need a separate program [pc | mac] to do this.

Save all the parts of the file in the same folder, and make sure the file extensions match. Windows likes to add extensions sometimes, but they should all look like this. If any of them have an additional .avi after the number, take it off and when windows asks 'are you sure?', click 'yes'.

.splicing - windows.
Open splitter.exe. Change the mode on the left to 'Splice'. Click the button next to 'Input folder' and browse to the folder that you have the split files saved in. Click on the .001 file for the one you want to splice together. Click 'Open'. Click the 'Splice' button on the right.

.splicing - mac.
Open AJoiner. Click File > Open on the menu bar. Browse to the folder that you have the split files saved in. Click on the .001 file for the one you want to splice together. Click 'Open'.

Depending on the size of the file, it may take it a couple of minutes. When it's done, the file will be in the folder with the split files.

I have no audio/Video looks funky/Media player said I was missing a codec/something's wrong with the file

The vast majority of odd video and audio problems are caused by not having the necessary codecs installed. There are about a kabillion different codecs, but all of our releases will be done using DivX when possible.

Luckily, there's an easy solution for windows. Cole2K has them all packaged together for you and ready to go; download the current version here. Close any programs you have open, then open the .exe after downloading it. Unless you know what codec you're looking for, choose 'Easy Installation' and keep clicking 'Next' until it's done. Reboot your pc. The file should work now.

Unfortunately, no such creature exists for the mac. DivX (10.3.9 & later | previous versions [install instructions on the site]) is available as a stand-alone download, but I've noticed that still not every file will play. Just about anything except the new windows media format works in VLC Player, but there's none of the extra features of quicktime.

Thank you for calling the help desk, and have a nice day. ^^

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